NetApp All-Flash FAS Solution For Persistent and Nonpersistent Desktops with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp

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In this reference architecture, NetApp and Citrix validated multiple desktop deployment use cases at scale:

  • In the first deployment scenario, we validated 2,000 nonpersistent desktops with a Citrix XenDesktop– hosted VDI and XenApp-hosted shared desktop workloads.
  • In the second deployment scenario, we validated 2,000 persistent desktops with NetApp full-clone desktops that were cloned by using VMware® vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI).

In both of these scenarios, we were able to demonstrate that, regardless of the deployment use case, the NetApp All-Flash FAS solution can eliminate the most common barriers to virtual desktop adoption, especially the concern about high storage costs. The testing covered common administrative tasks on 2,000 desktops (or on 4,000 desktops when tests were performed in a storage controller failed-over state). Including tasks such as mass virtual machine (VM) provisioning, boot storms, login storms, and steady-state operations made it possible to understand time to complete, storage response, and storage utilization. For the persistent desktop use case, we also tested virus scanning and patching of 2,000 desktops at the same time with the intent of understanding the time to complete the operation, storage response, and storage utilization.

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