How to deploy Citrix ShareFile on NetApp?

I introduced Citrix ShareFile and why NetApp is the best storage for ShareFile. Now we are ready to set a production ShareFile environment on NetApp. To deploy Citrix ShareFile, you need the following components:

Any type of hypervisors 

–       Two VMs: Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS and Citrix StorageZones Controller software.

–       Two VMs: Windows Server 2008 R2 with Active Directory® and Domain Name Service (DNS) functions. NetApp recommends using the existing AD and DNS infrastructure.

Note that physical servers can also be used to run the above-mentioned server roles.

NetApp Storage

Note that Data ONTAP systems running 7-mode are also supported for the ShareFile solution.

  • Licenses: CIFS protocol and deduplication
  • Additional Licenses: snaprestore, snapmirror and snapvault (based on NRM-CS configuration)

Recommended management software: OnCommand System Manager 2.0 and Virtual Storage Console (VSC) 2.0 for Citrix XenServer


A CIFS share needs to be created for ShareFile:

  • A New CIFS Share. Citrix ShareFile requires a CIFS share with no data in it since the system will create its own folder structure. The object files created by users are stored in a folder called persistentstorage (see Figure 9). Follow the NetApp best practices to set up a virtual storage server with a dedicated CIFS share.
  • CIFS Share Permissions. Once the setup is completed, configure the new CIFS share using System Manager. It is important to remove the default account permissions (everyone) and enter a dedicated administrative account for the StorageZones Controller to access the CIFS share through SMB. Specifying an administrative account to access the users’ files will prevent untrusted users from accessing this UNC path.

For detailed information about clustered Data ONTAP, refer to TR-3982 and TR-3967.

NetApp recommends creating a redundant infrastructure for the platform depending on the customer’s infrastructure, different approaches are available to configure redundant network access.

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