NetApp® Recovery Manager 1.0 for Citrix® ShareFile®

NetApp Recovery Manager for Citrix ShareFile (NRM-CS) provides a background service for Citrix ShareFile administrators to restore user files that have been removed from the Citrix storage center.

Designed to leverage the data protection and replication provided by Snapshot™, SnapVault®, and SnapMirror® technology, NRM-CS provides the ability to fully automate the file recovery process that has been previously performed manually by the administrator. NRM-CS automation performs the following tasks:

  • Read the Recovery queue and detect the old filename (the associated ID for the file); then search for that file (by the associated ID) in Snapshot, SnapVault, and SnapMirror.
  • Copy the file to a new filename on the CIFS volume as specified by the Recovery queue; then mark the Recovery queue as “success” or “failure.”

It is very easy to install and configure the recovery manager. Check a youtube demo how to setup a sharefile Recovery Manager.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 3.03.27 PM

Also check a demo how to recover a deleted file using NetApp Recovery Manager for Sharefile.

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