NetApp Clustered ONTAP NDMP Copy Configuration

I was moving virtual desktop data last week between a four node NetApp Cluster and a two node cluster.  NDMP copy becomes handy for moving data. NDMP copy is different from cluster mode to 7 mode so I want to share the steps with you here.

  1. Verify that the NDMP user has a password.

In Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode, NDMP uses a special account called ‘root’ for authentication. This ‘root’ account is not the same as the root account in the systemshell or the nodeshell.

Note: There is no ‘root’ account on the clustershell.

The ‘root’ user ID can use plain-text or MD5 passwords.

Run the following command to change the password for the ‘root’ user ID:

cluster::> ndmp modify –node * -user-id root

Please enter password:
Confirm password:
X entries were modified.

Passwords can be modified on a per node basis also. However, all nodes can only use the ‘root’ user ID for NDMP authentication.

2. Perform the following steps to re-enable ndmpcopy:

1)Log in to the cluster and enter the node shell:

2)cluster::> node run local


4)Re-enable ndmpcopy:   nodeshell> options nodescope.reenabledcmds ndmpcopy

3. Finally perform the ndmpcopy command:

1)ndmpcopy -sa <username:password> -da <username:password><source_nodemgmtIP:/vservername/vol_name> <dest_nodemgmtIP:/vservername/vol_name>

My example is:

ccr-cmode-1-01*> ndmpcopy -sa root:netapp -da root:netapp

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2 Responses to NetApp Clustered ONTAP NDMP Copy Configuration

  1. g says:

    Good stuff, but how did you figure out? I’ve been reading the docs, but didn’t really find this anywhere…

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