Virtual Storage Console 2.0 For XenServer is GA today






Virtual Storage Console 2.0 can be download from NetApp support site today. Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 5.11.01 PMVSC for Citrix XenServer is a “no charge” software; however, performing various tasks in VSC for Citrix XenServer might require the purchase of one or more NetApp software licenses. For more information on required software licenses, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

VSC for Citrix XenServer software offers fully orchestrated, XenServer administration-driven provisioning and cloning capabilities:

  • Storage controller discovery and configuration.
  • Network File System (NFS) and block-based (Fiber Channel (FC) and iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface)) storage repository provisioning, deduplication, resizing, and destruction. Note: Resizing is available for NFS-based storage repositories only.
  • Rapid VM cloning (in existing and new NFS-based storage repositories only) for persistent desktops and virtual servers powered by NetApp FlexClone.
  • Cloned VMs are instantly available in the Citrix XenDesktop for placement into catalogs.
  • Exporting NFS storage repositories to an entire subnet.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) support, visible through the user interface.
  • Host management
    • Apply NetApp-recommended values when working with block-based storage repositories.
    • Display host information and storage usage.

To learn more on VSC 2.0, you can view my helper Remash’s demo on SR creation with NetApp unified storage NFS, iSCSI and FCP.

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I am a solution architect focus on virtualization and storage.
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