NetApp Insight Vegas 2012

NetApp Insight Americas 2012 is approaching fast.  See below on my speaking sessions. Please come and meet!

I have two speak sessions at Insight. 

VI-3-152 – Virtual Desktop Solution Updates and Architectural Best Practices

Discuss the newest storage design for desktop virtualization that uses Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode, Flash Pools, file share, CIFS virus scan, and our new deep integration virtual server client for different hypervisors. Explore the issues that many customers experience because of limited visibility within the infrastructure. Investigate assessment tools that provide visibility within the environment to obtain the level of information that is needed to properly size and architect a virtual desktop solution. Consider common pitfalls, how to avoid them, and proper solution analysis, architecture, and sizing. Get up-to-date information on sizing with Flash Pools, Flash Cache, and host caching solutions such as Mercury and Fusion-io, and discuss the new features in View and XEN Desktop that impact storage.

DC-2-591 – VDI Solutions Built on FlexPod: an Overview,

Gartner* projects the growth of tablets to go from 3% of the PC market in 2011 to 37% of the PC market in 2014. This consumerization of IT through the increased use of mobile devices by a rapidly growing global workforce is driving the growth of the VDI cloud market on the application, middleware, and infrastructure layer. VDI as a workload is common across FlexPod deployments and continues to increase. Become familiar with the overall portfolio and positioning of VDI solutions that are available on FlexPod. Expect answers to these and other questions: What does the VDI and the VDIaaS market look like in terms of drivers, players and target market segments? What use cases are addressed by VDI and VDIaaS solutions? Why NetApp, Cisco, and FlexPod for VDI? What is the VDI roadmap for solutions based on FlexPod technology? Hear a technical overview of VDI solutions built on FlexPod. Learn about View, Xen, and Desktone. Discover resources for sales enablement collateral, validated architectural documents, the support process and services process, and channel and reseller enablement.

 Speaking Schedule:


DC-2-591 – VDI Solutions Built on FlexPod: an Overview 
Date: Tuesday 11/6/12 
Time: 16:15 – 17:15 
Room: Room 319 
Current # Enrolled/On Waiting List: 65/ 0 

VI-3-152 – Virtual Desktop Solution Updates and Architectural Best Practices 
Date: Wednesday 11/7/12 
Time: 13:30 – 15:45 
Room: Room 319 
Current # Enrolled/On Waiting List: 113/ 0 

DC-2-591 – VDI Solutions Built on FlexPod: an Overview 
Date: Thursday 11/8/12 
Time: 11:00 – 12:00 
Room: Room 304-305 
Current # Enrolled/On Waiting List: 75/ 0 

VI-3-152 – Virtual Desktop Solution Updates and Architectural Best Practices 
Date: Thursday 11/8/12 
Time: 8:15 – 10:30 
Room: Room 309 
Current # Enrolled/On Waiting List: 49/ 0 

Also I design a Hands-On Lab for NetApp Integration with Citrix XenServer.

In the last 12 months, more than 50% of the VDI deals have been on Citrix XenServer as a hypervisor. If you haven’t looked at XenServer lately, here’s your chance. Get hands-on experience using the new NetApp Virtual Storage Console for XenServer. See how it can help virtualization administrators simplify storage provisioning and the cloning of virtual machines. With its intuitive UI, the Virtual Storage Console for XenServer makes rapid cloning and provisioning easier than ever. Snap Creator for XenServer provides hypervisor-centric backups of virtual machines running on XenServer. With its powerful and intuitive interface, Snap Creator for XenServer software can back up virtual machines reliably and easily. Administrators no longer need to use client-side software to back up machines that are hosted on XenServer.

About zhurachel

I am a solution architect focus on virtualization and storage.
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